Insurance Bad Faith

If Your Insurance Company Has Shown Bad Faith, Trust Us To Help You

We purchase insurance to protect our business, our employees and our families from life's misfortunes. We have a legitimate right to expect that our insurance company will live up to the terms of the policy. When they delay payment, refuse to investigate, interpret the terms of the policy in an unreasonable manner, or if they have denied coverage or denied the claim, chances are they have committed an act of insurance bad faith.

Unfair dealing is unacceptable. When clients seek help from the Indianapolis law firm of MCNAMAR & ASSOCIATES, P.C., we make sure they get fair treatment and the payment they are due. Our firm is affiliated with Guy Kornblum & Associates in San Francisco. Together, we have successfully handled litigation against insurance companies for bad faith in denying claims and for failure to pay claim.

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Getting Insurance Companies To Pay Claims

We have more than 45 years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and getting them to live up to policy terms. By concentrating in insurance and reinsurance regulatory matters and transactions, we can offer our clients legal solutions regarding:

  • Denied claims or denied coverage — when a policy states that a specific item is covered, the insurance company cannot deny a claim
  • Failure to pay a claim — insurance companies must pay legitimate claims in a timely manner
  • Unreasonable policy termination
  • Agent malpractice — deliberate misrepresentation of an insurance product or other improper or unethical behavior by an insurance agent or broker

A Word About IRC 419 Plan Fraud

The last thing any of us want is trouble with the IRS. Therefore, be very careful about buying into a "419 welfare benefit plan." Plans that purport to be fully deductible from state and federal income taxes may not be. Promoters of these "plans" may just be packaging life insurance policies as welfare benefit plans.

More often than not, these plans are not what they claim to be. That makes them fraudulent and illegal. Get more information on these fraudulent insurance plans by calling us at 317-299-0160.

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