Residential & Commercial Construction Defects

MCNAMAR & ASSOCIATES, P.C., represents property owners, general contractors, subcontractors and others who are involved in disputes regarding various types of construction defects. These defects can be discovered in many different scenarios, including during inspections, during sales transactions and after obtaining possession of the property.

When construction defects are found in residential and commercial properties, you can seek compensation for financial losses. The attorneys at our Indianapolis law firm have more than 45 years of experience guiding clients through dispute resolution. We have ample knowledge of construction defect litigation, can readily assess the specific facts of your case and can deliver results in a timely, effective manner.

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Construction Defects Can Occur In New, Renovated And Existing Properties

Construction defects can be found in new, renovated and existing residential and commercial properties. Sellers and agents are required to disclose known defects during the sales process. If the seller fails to do so, he or she may be held liable. When a seller fully discloses defects and can show that there was no knowledge of the defect in question prior to the sale, he or she may be protected from liability. Whether new, old or updated, all types of properties are susceptible to defects. The seller must disclose a defect, and the buyer can seek compensation for nondisclosure.

Our law firm represents buyers and sellers involved in construction defect disputes that involve:

  • Construction warranties
  • Construction breach of contract
  • Contractors' insurance coverage issues
  • Real estate zoning/ administrative issues
  • Eminent domain — representation for property owners or lessees
  • Condemnation proceedings
  • Undisclosed survey disputes
  • Water drainage
  • Access rights

Whether the dispute involves a home or commercial space for a business, MCNAMAR & ASSOCIATES, P.C., works with each client to make sure they can make an informed decision based on both the law and their own goals.

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